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    Want to be part of the next Late Late Supply Chain Show?


      We're taping a new episode of the Late Late Supply Chain Show on April 26, 2011, and we want you to be a part of it! Bill Dubois (the incomparable LLSCS host) and I (his fearless (most of the time) co-host) will be answering questions and addressing topics posed by our community members. We want to hear the challenges you're facing, the opportunities that beckon, and maybe even a joke or two. (Though you may want to leave those to the professionals. Ahem.) There's only one criteria: it has to involve the supply chain!


      So make your voice heard by telling Bill and me what you want to hear on the next Late Late Supply Chain Show! Just post your ideas in the comments section of this discussion. You can also submit your ideas via Twitter; tweet to @Kinaxis and tag it with #LLSCS. If we choose to answer your question or discuss your topic, we'll mention you by name on the show!





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