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    Looking For S&OP Software


      Dear All,


      I am looking for S&OP Software.


      Can you please suggest me the software.


      Thanks in Advance





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          Carol Apprentice



          RapidResponse, by Kinaxis provides an S&OP solution. It is truly unique for the following reasons:

          - RapidResponse continuously balances supply and demand

          - You can create multiple versions of your plan and compare them against your KPIs

          - The impact of a change (demand, supply, price, etc ) on the entire supply chain can be determined within seconds

          - Collaboration (regional or global)  required in all S&OP cycles is managed through RapidResponse.

          - You can manage both volume and mix at multiple levels of your hierarchy

          - The S&OP solution is one of many solutions that are part of a broader platform (Demand Mgmt, Supply Planning, Capacity Planning, New Product Introduction, Master Scheduling, etc). When you subscribe you have access to everything.


          I am hopeful that this is enough to peek your interest. Check out the website www.kinaxis.com for more information