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    Is there an App for that?

    jwesterveld@kinaxis.com Apprentice

      I'm a big fan of the Apple products. I've had several iPods and I've had an iPod touch for a couple of years and use it for many more things than I ever thought I would;  I use it to look things up quickly on the Internet,  I track my finances using Mint (very cool app).  If I have some time to kill away from home, I read my Kindle books on it and I have more games than is probably healthy (Angry birds anyone?)  And oh yeah...it also happens to be really good at playing music, podcasts and videos.


      But we are all supply chain people, so here's what I'm wondering;  What things would the perfect Supply Chain app on the iPhone or iPod touch do?  I'm not necessarily talking about an app you can get right now (but if you know of a really cool app, let us know), but something that you think would be cool, and would be suitable for the iPod / iPhone form factor.


      I have some thoughts but I'd like to hear from you.  Comment back and let us know!