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    Scenes from IE Group's S&OP Planning Summit 2011


      Kinaxis was honored to sponsor the IE Group Sales & Operations Planning Summit in Las Vegas January 27-28. Below, find photos from the event--which had a great turnout and compelling content from presenters such as Cisco, Newell Rubermaid, OfficeMax, Tesco, PepsiCo, Sharp, Oliver Wight, and others, including Kinaxis' Director of Thought Leadership, Trevor Miles (follow him on Twitter at @milesahead to see tweets from the event).


      To access presentations from the conference, you can join the IE Group network by clicking here.



      Las Vegas-Luc TMiles Cecere Dubois.jpg

      Luc Vezina, Trevor Miles, and Bill Dubois of Kinaxis with Lora Cecere of Altimeter Group.

      Las Vegas-Kinaxis booth.jpg

      Las Vegas-Kinaxis crew at SandOP innovation.jpg


      Las Vegas-TMiles SandOP Innovation event.jpg