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    New contest: How is bad software like an annoying ex?


      Contest snapshot:


      What?—Finish this sentence: “Bad software is like an annoying ex because…”

      How?—Provide your response in the comments section of this discussion

      Who?—Members of the Supply Chain Expert Community are eligible to participate

      When?—January 19--March 18, 2011

      Why?—Because you can win an Xbox 360 Console with Kinect bundle!










      Full contest description:


      Over-promising and under-delivering—does this sound like any software you’ve implemented? Much like a bad romance, bad software can leave you irritated, exhausted, and looking for the fastest way to sever ties.







      Have you implemented software that has been plagued by:





      ·         Unnecessary complexity?

      ·         Lengthy deployment times?

      ·         Inflexibility?

      ·         Convoluted upgrades?

      ·         Delayed—or non-existent— value?

      ·         A lack of collaboration—because it didn’t meet what you really need?







      With these common problems in mind, we’ve launched a new series of comedy videos--"New Kinexions"--that draws parallels between dysfunctional software and an annoying ex. Now we’re asking you to do the same in the latest contest for members of the Supply Chain Expert Community.







      The winner will be the person who best completes this sentence:

      Bad software is like an annoying ex because…


      We’ll be looking for funny, smart, and insightful responses. Here’s an example: Bad software is like an annoying ex because they both drain all of your money and leave you feeling unfulfilled.







      Make the right “kinexion” between bad software and an annoying ex, and you can win an Xbox 360 Console with Kinect bundle—the hottest thing in video gaming, where you are the controller!





      If you need a little more inspiration, be sure to watch our six-part “New Kinexions” video series. The first installment goes live on January 19. Look for a new one each Wednesday for the following five weeks. But given the pervasiveness of dysfunctional software—and dysfunctional relationships—I have a distinct feeling you won’t have to dig too deep to create a response that resonates. And maybe you’ll come up with quite a few—so enter as many times as you’d like by responding in the comments section of this discussion before 5:00 PM EST on March 18, 2011.


      For complete contest terms and conditions click here.