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    Enterprise 2.0 and the Supply Chain

    Trevor Miles Apprentice

      Absolutely amazing video by Andrew McAfee from MIT.  It is now 2 years old that paints a truly accurate picture of the effect that social media concepts will have within the enterprise.



      What is more interesting is how this will affect trade across organizational boundaries, specifically in supply chain.  About the first comment he makes is that ERP's force structure on an organization, whereas social media concepts allow structures to emerge.  Sound familiar?


      The discussion of the US intelligence community is very relevant to the supply chain because of the issues around security and information sharing. Who could be more paranoid about sharing of information that the intelligence community.  By McAfee gives some great insights about how social media concepts have been of value.  The 'aha' was that, yes, sharing information could lead to loss of life, but nor sharing information has already resulted in loss of life. So which is best?  Well, we don't know, but the interesting point is that the there is a lot to be gained and the risks are no much increased.