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    Translating business drivers into technology requirements - Webinar Nov 17


      Nov 17 webinar banner.jpg

      In this webcast, Flextronics CIO, Dave Smoley, will discuss the technology capabilities that are required to be a partner in their customers’ planning processes and pro-active in responding to their changing needs, thus avoiding the organizational chaos and business risks of being on the tail-end of a bullwhip.

      As a leading EMS provider, Flextronics is no stranger to supply chain pressures. Short product life cycles, demand volatility, supply shortages – all of which must be managed within a supply chain that crosses organizations, geography and time zones. As a result, there is a tremendous need for supply chain agility. One of the most fruitful ways to improve agility is to reduce decision latency throughout the multiple layers of the supply chain and throughout the various stages of the S&OP process. From a technology perspective, this has created an urgent demand for:

      • Visibility – across data sources, systems, and organizations
      • Collaboration – between functions and trading partners, often across three tiers of the supply chain
      • Identification & alerting – easy and early identification of people who are impacted or can provide insight into decisions
      • ERP agnostic analytics – for rapid evaluation of decision alternatives across partners using different systems within the multi-tier supply chain


      Join us for this webinar on November 17, 2010. Register Now.