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    Collaborate With Your Suppliers to Synchronize the Supply Chain: Featuring a Case Study on Cisco Systems

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      Join up for the webinar on September 22, 2010, 2:00pm Eastern


      Collaborate With Your Suppliers to Synchronize the Supply Chain: Featuring a Case Study on Cisco Systems

      September 22, 2010, 2:00pm Eastern

      You're facing increasing complexity in your supply chain. Thanks to these challenges, it's more necessary than ever for you to collaborate across your entire supply network — including working closely with suppliers, value-add vendors, and manufacturing partners. As global supply chains become more flexible and agile, they are also becoming increasingly more responsive to end market needs. Collaborative planning with suppliers is a strategic best practice used by market leaders to align their end-to-end supply chains.

      Although most companies don't have a formal planning process with component suppliers, there are many benefits your company can realize from collaborative planning:

      • You'll gain increased visibility into supplier capacity and constraints
      • Your suppliers will be able to see the true demand picture, and can use the information for better planning
      • Regular collaborative sessions with suppliers will highlight opportunities for the best use of available supply and capacity

      In this live webinar, you'll:

      • Learn firsthand from manufacturing leader, Cisco Systems. Cisco supply planning manager Chalam Kalahasti will discuss Cisco's approach towards collaborative planning with its suppliers
      • Hear how to implement an effective collaborative planning process with suppliers from Mithun Samani, Manager with PRTM Management Consulting


      • Chalam Kalahasti, Senior Manager, Demand Management and Planning, Customer Value Chain Management, Cisco
      • Mithun Samani, Manager, PRTM
      • Kerry Zuber, Director, Solutions Consulting, Kinaxis
      • Adrienne Selko, Online Editor, IndustryWeek

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