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    Expert Opinions on S&OP


      Good post here at Enterprise Resilience Management Blog, compiling third-party expert commentary on S&OP and demand-driven supply chains: http://enterpriseresilienceblog.typepad.com/enterprise_resilience_man/2010/08/demand-driven-supply-chains.html


      Some excerpts:


      Bob Ferrari (The Ferrari Group): the ups and downs associated with recovery from the current recession "provide a reinforced reminder to the overall importance of active demand sensing and sales and operations planning processes"


      Atul Chandra Pandey (Infosys Technologies): To actualize its potential and realize true business benefits, S&OP needs to overcome some key challenges: Shorter Reaction Cycle, Multiple Consumer Data Streams, Choosing the Right Demand Measure/ Lever


      Greg Brady (One Network Enterprises):  "most organizations are not planning and executing across functional domains to create a truly interconnected and collaborative supply chain"


      Lora Cecere (Alitmeter Group): Market leaders sense shifts in demand five times faster than run-of-the-mill organizations


      There are some common threads running through all of these supply chain gurus' observations. First, good data is the sine qua non of a demand driven supply chain. In today's fast-paced marketplace, that data must also be fresh (the closer to real-time the better). Second, good forecasting helps the bottom line by mitigating the ill effects of market volatility -- especially during economic hard times. Finally, "what if" planning is essential. One cannot plan for the future simply by extrapolating from the past. The future has a funny way of jumping sideways and surprising us with twists and turns. A good what-if planning regime can help a company survive the unexpected."