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    Single Source vs. Multi Source in ERP ADM

    James Apprentice

      We are seeing a turbulent time in ERP ADM services wherein organizations are not clear whether they should stick to their best and trusted vendor for providing the services or look for economical and probably better service models outside. Other than this, they are also wondering if their long term strategy should change from depending on one single vendor to keep on getting the volume discounts and single window service or should look out for multiple vendor services for getting exposure to different best practices, pricing models etc. from them. The objective remains same in both the cases, which is lower costs, better service and exposure to best in class practices. We need to evaluate our strategy carefully before taking a decision.

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          Puneesh Novice

          Well, not keeping all eggs in one basket was an age old saying and it was the best practice also in the IT world for long but at the same time, we lose on happier discounts if we get only one supplier for the services so yes I agree with James that we need to evaluate the strategy of single sourcing or multi sourcing and the points mentioned in the link mentioned by him give lot of good advice on how tro achieve this.