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    Communication Tips

    karens@walcotool.com Newbie

      I will be speaking to supply chain participants in a few weeks.  It seems many people want to talk about price before business models are discussed or trusting relationships are built.  Is that really what saves a large corporation money?  Who views the larger picture and how are leaders creating the image that drives your organization?


      I want to ask both suppliers and purchasing professionals what they WISH if they could have three wishes, what would support finding the long term relationship and best through put in the perfect world of supply chain success.  What do you believe would really save expenses overall?  What communication is missed in the beginning steps of the relationship that may have made all the differnce in the world if you had just taken the time?


      I need to know what people are thinking and what they believe should be corrected in today's business environment.  Why does your customer really purchase your equipment, service or design?


      Feel free to add anyother questions you feel I should be asking?


      Thank you.


      Karen Schultz