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    Your experience of using the Supply Chain Expert Community

    nikitakou Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      As part of my MSc Dissertation project at Warwick Business School in UK, I’m conducting a survey that deals with users’ experiences of participation in professional virtual communities, of which the Supply Chain Expert Community is a perfect example.


      I would be great if you could help me and participate by clicking on the link below. The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes to answer. All responses will be kept strictly confidential (used only for the purposes of my dissertation). Everyone who participates will have the option to enter into a draw for five £20 ($30) Amazon vouchers.


      Click here to start the survey:




      I greatly appreciate your help. My degree depends on this survey! If you would like to know the results of my work, please email me and I will send you the results in September.


      Best regards,


      Nikita Kursov