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    Supply Chain Organizational Structures that Work

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      I have am responsible for the corporation's distribution, logistics/ transportation, trade & product compliance area. We will be reviewing our supply chain organizational structure and responsibilities to ensure we have alignment to a best in class organizational structure for global supply chains with both an international sourcing and domestic manufacturing and distribution network. What organizational structure have you found to be most successful to ensure continuity and integrated communication across all channels of supply chain? One of our open areas is around 'product compliance'. My team has assumed responsibility for product compliance through the increased regulations imposed on furniture/ furniture components and the growth of our sourcing portfolio. We have developed expertise in this area within my team and believe there is a shared alignment with product development, but also feel that product design & development should have a check and balance component when it comes to product compliance (product safety & CPSC testing, EPA compliance, state & federal requirements, labeling, packaging, country specific import/ export restrictions/ requirements, etc...). I would appreciate insight around this topic to assist in the design and ownership of this role in our future supply chain. I would love to keep product compliance under my portfolio, but also feel it needs to be owned closer to the decision making around product design and development to ensure we are integrating this knowledge in the front end to ensure product compliance at the time it is delivered to market.