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    100 Great Supply Chain Partners Named by Supply Chain Brain


      What defines a successful supply chain partnership? Supply Chain Brain provides some answers today in its article on the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners, which were nominated by the magazine's readers during a six-month-long poll. A total of 2,800 nominations were received for more than 400 partners. Supply Chain Brain narrowed the 400 companies down to 100 based on volume and quality of the nominations. Take a look at the list to see if you or any of your supply chain partners made the top 100.


      Based on its poll findings, Supply Chain Brain also outlined the following 10 Most Common Qualities Wanted in Providers:

      1. Reliability
      —Without doubt, every year the single-most important element readers value is reliability in their partners. When a vendor has proven itself to be solid in this area, a lasting partnership follows.


      2. Excellence—Doing what's expected is good; service over and above what's required is excellent.


      3. Value & cost savings—The main driver for purchasing any new technology or service is cost savings, but the most the important financial measure is value in terms of increasing sales, production or other revenue-related metric.


      4. Expertise and knowledge base—Providers must incorporate best practices specific to their industry, market or product. Trust fails when you can't demonstrate this.


      5. Problem-solving—Partners must take charge and solve problems or risk losing the customer.


      6. Continuous improvement—You can't rest on your laurels. Customers demand to see a plan for product development (especially in technology) so they know their future needs will be met.


      7. Support—Customers outsource to those who have the expertise, so they depend on vendors to implement, train, maintain and support the technologies and service provided. If anything, readers say, support is almost as important as the technology or service itself.


      8. Be positive—This might be called a can-do attitude. Vendors that took on any challenge without complaint are highly valued.


      9. Global footprint—It goes without saying that companies looking to do business around the world need partners with global reach.


      10. Strong management—Commitment is key to a longstanding and fruitful relationship. Customers carefully monitor the leadership of their supply chain partners.


      Do you agree with this ranking of qualities? Anything you would add to the list?