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    What is Lean Six Sigma?

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      u Lean has been around a long time:
      l Pioneered by Ford in the early 1900’s (33 hrs from iron ore to finished Model T, almost zero inventory but also zero flexibility!)
      l Perfected by Toyota post WWII (multiple models/colors/options, rapid setups, Kanban, mistake-proofing, almost zero inventory with maximum flexibility!)
      u Known by many names:
      l Toyota Production System
      l Just-In-Time (JIT)
      l Continuous Flow
      While Lean was born in Manufacturing, It later matured into Transactions & Services
      u Lean is a methodology for increasing process speed (reduced cycle time), improving efficiency (minimize time, capital invested, and cost) in any process, and increased agility and process flow.
      u Lean is a methodology for increasing process speed and improving efficiency through waste reduction.
      u What Lean Is Not:
      n A business strategy
      n Only for manufacturing companies
      n About headcount reductions
      n Only about the tools
      Six Sigma Improves Quality By Reducing Defects & Variation
      u Motorola was the first advocate in the 80’s
      u Six Sigma Black Belt methodology began in late 80’s/early 90’s
      u More recently, other companies have embraced Six Sigma:
      n GE
      n Allied Signal
      u Project implementers names includes “Black Belts”, “Top Guns”, “Change Agents”, “Trailblazers”, etc.
      u Implementers are expected to deliver annual benefits between $500,000 and $1,000,000 through 3-5 projects per year
      u Top-down program with Executive and Champion support
      u Outwardly focused on Voice of the Customer, inwardly focused on using statistical tools on projects that yield high return on investment
      u Six Sigma is a quality improvement methodology designed to reduce product or service failure rates to near perfection.
      u Incorporated into the methodology is the use of a data-driven approach to work toward the elimination of defects in every process area of a business, emphasizing the production of products and services better, faster and at a lower cost than the competition.
      u Simply: Six Sigma is a methodology for determining and reducing/eliminating variation in a process, thereby improving quality.
      u Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for achieving the goals of the enterprise; lean six sigma is utilized to improve Customer Satisfaction and gain greater Return on Investment.
      u Simply Stated: Lean Six Sigma is the combined methodology of lean and six sigma utilized to increase process velocity, improve efficiency, and reduce or eliminate process variation.


      u Six Sigma is the “Unifying Framework”
      l Six Sigma provides the improvement infrastructure
      u CEO Engagement
      u Deployment Champions
      u Green Belts, Black Belts, Master Black Belts
      n Over-riding methodology: DMAIC, DFSS
      u Lean provides additional tools and approaches to “turbo-charge” improvement efforts
      n Tools: Set-up reduction, 5S, Kanban, Waste Reduction, Value Stream Map
      n Approaches: Kaizen, Poke-Yoke