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    Four Capabilities Required for 21st Century S&OP


      Operations performance is seriously challenged by today's dynamic, global manufacturing environment.  Multi-tier supply chains require more than good planning and accurate forecasts to meet corporate performance management goals. Even small supply chain disruptions can trigger a domino effect, threatening customer loyalty and enterprise profitability. Adding real-time performance monitoring and alerts can keep your staff responsive to unplanned events and keep operations aligned with business strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs). Managing operations performance has never been more critical. You need a solution that provides:


      • Profit-based S&OP that meets both departmental and overall business goals
      • A balanced scorecard using both operational and financial KPIs to inform decisions
      • Supply chain visibility and data integration across multiple enterprise levels
      • Collaborative scenario analysis so you can select the most profitable strategy
      • Performance monitoring and alerting to enable swift response to unplanned events


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