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    Product Innovation and Process Flow

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      Richard Notargiacomo is the president of Innovation Focus - Rochester,  an affiliate of Innovation Focus of Lancaster, PA and a company  dedicated to executive coaching and consulting on new product  development and innovations. He is a firm believer in the ability of  business processes to positively contribute to a company’s competitive  advantage. According to Notargiacomo, nearly all business processes can  benefit from using lean principles and being focused on low cost and  efficient delivery. Business processes can also be used to procure new  market ventures. Notargiacomo refers to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. While  most rental car agencies were competing for market share at airports,  Enterprise elected to try something new. They offered their cars at  collision shops and other places where accessibility was their  customers’ main concern. Notargiacomo suggests that everything can be  looked at as some sort of process, which really is about getting things  done as efficiently as possible. When processes are looked at through  the lens of innovation, with the goal of improvement in mind, then they  can be directed and leveraged in different ways to best satisfy the  customers.

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