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    New Aberdeen Sales and Operations Planning Survey

    viswanat Novice

      Dear members of the Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community,


      As you may know, we do a benchmark report on S&OP every year.

      The survey for this year is at http://budurl.com/ABGSOP2010


      Why would it be interesting to take this survey from a practitioner standpoint?



      a)      The report captures the latest economic snapshot and business pressures which are

               different from last year. Are companies in growth mode or still in hunker-down mode?

      b)      We are also having lot more focus on the technology enablers, current usage of

               spreadsheets, APS versus ERP, SaaS etc.

      c)      As compared to previous years, we are going to have more focus on the mid-market since

              this sector is largely untapped from a technology adoption standpoint.


      Of course there will be an opportunity to compare your organization with the Best-in-Class companies.

      We will provide the results of the survey to the respondents free of charge.



      Nari Viswanathan

      Aberdeen Group