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    PRTM: Five key supply chain trends


      A June 22, 2010 SupplyChainStandard.com article entitled "PRTM study highlights five key supply chain challenges" discusses the recent findings of a survey of 350 manufacturing and service companies conducted by the management consultants.


      The five key trends identified by PRTM include:

      1: Supply chain volatility and uncertainty have permanently increased
      Market transparency and greater price sensitivity have led to lower customer loyalty. Product commoditisation reduces true differentiation in the consumer and business-to- business environments.

      2: Securing growth requires truly global customer and supplier networks
      Future market growth depends on international customers and customised products. Increased supply chain globalisation and complexity need to be managed effectively.

      3: Market dynamics demand regional, cost-optimised supply chain configurations
      Customer requirements and competitors necessitate regionally tailored supply chains and product offerings. End-to-end supply chain cost optimisation will be critical.

      4: Risk management involves the end-to-end supply chain
      Risk and opportunity management should span the entire supply chain—from demand planning to expansion of manufacturing capacity—and should include the supply chains of key partners.

      5: Existing supply chain organisations are not truly integrated and empowered
      The supply chain organisation needs to be treated as a single integrated organisation. To be effective, significant improvements require support across all supply chain functions.


      Which of these resonates the most for you and your business? Is there another trend you're seeing that should have made the list?


      Weigh in, community!