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    You might be expediting too much IF…


      A few weeks ago, Max Jeffrey wrote a post on The 21st Century Supply Chain blog entitled "Expediting versus planning." It received received a significant number of comments on the the original post and several LinkedIn groups. Given the feedback Max received, he decided to write another post on the topic, this time with a humorous twist. Taking his inspiration from Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if..." jokes, Max asked readers to fill in the blank:


      "You might be expediting too much IF..."


      Max posted a few punch lines of his own, including:

      • IF you are amassing major points in your Air Freight carriers “frequent flyer program"
      • IF you constantly get emails from your Land/Sea carriers saying “We miss you, please come back”
      • IF your key supplier ran out of bright orange “hot order” stickers to place on travelers and had to place a rush, expedited purchase order for more stickers


      Reader contributions include:

      • IF you have to keep getting new shoes for your expediters
      • IF you have to replace the paint on the floor (These two by Mike Lanuti via the Materials Management group on LinkedIn)
      • IF you know by heart all the tracking numbers for the last month’s expedites but forgot that it was your wedding anniversary (Bill DuBois via The 21st Century Supply Chain)


      What about you, community members? I'm sure we can add a few more to the list. Share your contributions in the comments section!