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    Improve Reverse Logistics for making SCM Green & to Increase Revenue

    James Apprentice

      Reverse logistics is the most part of the broader supply chain management process called as returns management. Returns Management, in addition to catering to handling returns that come back from customers due to various reasons, also puts in place, processes to reduce the number of returns by doing some reverse engineering with the help of departments like warranty, product quality, marketing and testing – but still the major portion of a returns management process is management of returning goods from the customer, that starts with customer’s request to return the item and ends with putting away that item in the pertinent warehouse. This part of returns management is called as reverse logistics and lately, the scope of reverse logistics has been increased at least in the best in class organizations, and now it includes facilitating smooth refund to the customer as well as ensuring a good percentage of items getting either recycled or re packaged to be sold to new customers in different product categories. This is the need of the hour for all of us to put more focus in, and this will help us not only to increase our revenue (discussed later) and to make our supply chain greener (recycling). Break down few broader sub processes of Reverse Logistics so that we can focus on the pertinent parts.