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    Catalysts to achieve your LEAN Objectives

    James Apprentice

      A discussion on a site caught my attention that have excellent participation from indsutry stalwarts and they have shared their views on what are those catalysts that can help you to achieve the LEAN Manufacturing objectives. I saw that largely, there were two schools of thought on whether planning (forecasting and demand planning) helps in achieving lean manufacturing to an extent that the investments made in these areas are justified and are able to provide the returns accordingly. Thoughts were divided and one group was sure to say that forecasting is just a guess and will remain a guess so it is sheer time wastage to improve your guesses and hope that these will help you in your lean objectives whereas the other group was as sure as the first one on the fact that forecasting can surely help in achieving lean objectives as it reduces inventory and improves the service levels, which makes easier for the manufacturing operations to stick to a single product line for optimum period so that the manufacturing line efficiency improves. Interesting topic for discussion and I invite thoughts from this group on the topic.