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    Idea and Innovation Management Tools

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      According to RR Dasgupta, Director of Aikon Labs, the key to managing an  idea through each phase of its evolution is process knowledge. It isn't  about forcing challenges on your audience and expecting them to come up  with solutions, it is about managing your community, which is something  that requires a number of disciplines, including project management,  analytics, and today, Web 2.22. Discover what Aikon Labs is doing to  help companies put business processes in place for 21 century idea  generating.

      Traditionally, innovation has been cocooned within in-house research and  development departments, but today, companies are recognizing the value  of opening their innovation panels and programs to the greater  community. If you want to bring "back-of-the-napkin ideas" to fruition,  business practices that support innovation must be in place, something  RR Dasgupta says Aikon Labs' idea management tool delivers. According to  RR Dasgupta, the key to managing an idea through each phase of its  evolution is process knowledge. http://logipi.com/public/item/253978