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    Rapid Response for pharma industry - Capabilities

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      I wanted to understand the capabilities that this Kinaxis application can offer for a business need that is common in Pharma industry segment; Can someone please share their insights based on what they have seen in the tool that can address the following business need:


      1) A given variety that is produced by this manufacturer can be (cleaned, treated, sized, packaged) in various forms and therefore at the finished product level, this variety has many different SKU numbers(based on Form, Fit, Function) - FERT

      2) Supply/Inventory          :  Inventory exists on these SKU's and is batch managed. Attributes are attached to this Inventory/Batch to signify various Quality attributes of each particular batch. -


      3) Demand/Forecast        :Forecasting is done at this SKU Level (Customer, FERT, Quantity, Date); 

                                                 -> There are customer specific rules that need to be considered to determine if an existing batch of Inventory can be Netted against a particular customer forecast

                                                 -> Ex: Customer ABC can only take inventory with Quality attributes@ (potency > 75%, grade_test > 35%, germ_test >55%); These attributes(potency, grade_test,

                                                           germ_test) are maintained as attributes on the batch


      So, my first question would be to understand how Rapid Response or any other tool within the Kinaxis application can help do this Netting between forecast and supply

      -> Forecast is (Customer, FERT SKU, Quantity, Date)

      -> Supply    is (Plant, FERT SKU, Quantity, Batch)

      -> Batch      is (Potency, Grade_Test, Germ_Test)


      A second capability that I Would like to discuss is as follows:


      In case of when there is not enough Supply available at FERT(Finish Product Level) to meet a customer forecast, we need to explode the Bill of Material and check the availability of Semi Finished Products; There are some rules as to the attributes needed for the Semi Finished batches that can be used for a given customer demand;



      -> Forecast                          : (Customer, FERT, Quantity, Date)

      -> Dependent Demand        : (Plant, HALB(Semi-Finished product), Quantity, Date)

      -> Supply                             : (Plant, HALB, Quantity, Date, Batch)

      -> Batch                               : (Grade_A, Alpha_test, Beta_test, Gamma_test)


      For a demand from Customer XYZ, HALB needs to have specific values for each of the attributes(Grade_A, Alpha_test, Beta_test, Gamma_test);


      Does the tool have capability to define such rules and ability to match Demand and Forecast considering these rules? 


      Please let me know if more clarity is needed on the specific business need that I outlined above;