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    Nimble Business Processes and Flexible Technologies

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      Alok Ahuja believes there is a strong connection between business  process and competitive advantage. Streamlined business processes that  are supported by agile and scalable technologies, he says, can help  companies assess the market, drive solutions and bring products to the  market in a shorter time span.

      1. The right kind of business processes have turned some companies  around and literally transformed them.
      2. Dell, Walmart and Costco have strong competitive advantages over  their closest competitors gained primarily by shifting to agile business  processes.
      3. When selecting a technology that enables a business process, Alok  advises companies to be certain that it has flexibility, scalability,  and is nimble enough to adapt changing dynamics in the market space.

      See full interview here: http://logipi.com/public/item/254003

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