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    Leveraging process improvement as a competitive business advantage

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      Robert Brands, author of Robert's Rules of Innovation, shares his  thoughts on leveraging process improvement as a competitive business  advantage. Citing Walmart, Target and Starbucks as prime examples of  companies that are reaping the rewards of process improvement, he  provides a high-level look at the broad array of possibilities.

      - Every product, service and process has a life cycle -- it grows, it  matures and it crests -- if you don't continue reinvent and reenergize,  Robert Brands says, "You will perish."
      - With respect to process innovation, Robert firmly believes it's all  about how you create value in your supply chain.
      - In Robert Brands' expert opinion, process improvement offers the  greatest return on investment over the longest period of time.

      See full interview here: http://logipi.com/public/item/253883

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