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    Cosmetics giant is moving toward an integrated supply chain model

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      Massimo Formisano takes members of the Logipi community behind the scenes of Coty Inc., for a glimpse of cosmetic giant's supply chain. Learn what Massimo sees as the key drivers behind Coty's carefully plotted roadmap designed to move the company forward on its path to supply chain excellence. To stay ahead of the continuous improvement curve, Massimo says 21st century supply chains must be flexible enough to quickly react to customer needs, and have the ability to maintain a proper balance of flexibility versus cost. For Coty, that means "road-mapping the next eight years" and focusing on a long-term strategy that improves flexibility and lowers costs. Ultimately, the objective is to supply exactly what the customer needs at any point in time while keeping inventory levels very low. http://logipi.com/public/item/253513


      What are your thoughts on moving toward a more centralized and better-integrated supply chain model by synchronizing demand and supply planning?


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