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    Kinaxis Vs Oracle ASCP.

    rhandara Apprentice

      Hi All,


      I was just curious to know the comparison between Kinaxis and Oracle ASCP. what are the Pros and Cons, Key differentiators and who fits best to the bill!!!


      Any comparison sheets, pointers and thoughts will be helpful.


      Thanks in advance.




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          tgregorchik@kinaxis.com Novice

          Hi Ram-


          When comparing RapidResponse to Oracle's ASCP, there are many key differentiators but here are some of the highlights:


          • Single Solution - RapidResponse is a single product that supports a complete end to end process and is fully integrated.  There is no need for batch schedules to run to sync data between the capabilities of the solution.  The S&OP, demand planning, supply planning, capacity planning, inventory optimization, collaboration, allocations, and what-if scenario planning are all within a single data model with a single user interface.
          • Rapid Scenarios - Within RapidResponse, any user can run a scenario in seconds.  RapidResponse has a unique capability where the demand and supply balancing engine is always on and it runs in memory.  This empowers users to be able to take a virtual copy of the entire database in a second, change any type of demand, supply, lead time, on hand, costs, etc. and run a the new plan within seconds.
          • Embedded Analytics - RapidResponse natively has dashboards that are drillable and are based in memory on the live database - there is no need to push data out to a data warehouse for analytics.
          • Flexible Exceptions - RapidResponse allows you to build your own exceptions and alerts to help with planner productivity.  You aren't limited to the native exceptions within the planning tool - any sort of exception that you can define a rule can be easily deployed and users can be alerted via dashboards and alerts to their emails when the exceptions occur.
          • Integrated Financials & KPI Scorecards - Many planning tools can help planners answer the question whether they can support a plan, however RapidResponse  helps planners take that a step further and answer the question of which strategy should you plan to based on your KPIs important to your business.  These KPIs can be financial based such as revenue, margin and costs or they could be numerical based such as fill rates, on time delivery to request percentage, or key constraint utilization.


          Those are the high levels of a comparison of RapidResponse to Oracle's ASCP.  If you have any further detailed questions, please feel free to reach out.

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              rhandara Apprentice

              Thank you Thomas for differentiators.


              actually I am trying to pitch Kinaxis over oracle ASCP for an prospect. so wanted show what oracle ASCP has and what Kinaxis do better than ASCP.


              if you have comparison sheet , that would be of great help.


              Thanks in advance.




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                  donnyir Master

                  Really depends on your client's requirement.


                  If your client is primarily an Oracle House, ASCP will make it easier for data integration. While using RR you need to develop your own extracts.

                  If you're looking for "Optimized" Planning Engine solution, ASCP will fit the bill compared to Kinaxis.

                  If you're looking for clear explainable planning results (not necessarily 100% correct), Kinaxis is better than Oracle.

                  If you're looking for integrated reporting, Kinaxis has the reporting integrated while ASCP needs to have APCC.

                  If you're looking for faster plan output (not necessarily optimized), Kinaxis will definitely win. There is Rapid Planning functionality in ASCP but it's still years behind to catch up.

                  If you're looking for better UI, Kinaxis will win than ASCP (even Rapid Planning).





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