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    What will happen to air freight once the volcanic ash cloud has cleared?

    janhusdal Apprentice

      The current air traffic restrictions in Europe has had a huge impact on air freight, first and foremost a huge backlog of freight at airports in Europe and at airports with cargo flights destined to Europe?


      Once this backlog is cleared, what do you think will be the long-term effects?


      - will we see a decline in air freight, because it is deemed unreliable, and thus

      - will we see an increase in other cargo transportation modes (sea, rail, road)?

      - will we see air cargo businesses go bankrupt?

      - will we see a movement away from global sourcing and towards local sourcing

      - will we see higher charges for air cargo (as business are trying to catch up on lost revenue)?

      - ....?


      What do you think? And what will happen if the cloud does not clear?