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    Are you in sync with the new "Rent a CIO" concept?

    James Apprentice

      ERP takes the largest pie out of the IT investments of an organization and the success or failure of its deployement heavily impacts the growth and expansion plans in both ways. It is well known that all ERP projects are not successful ( http://bit.ly/ERP-Failures) and a search for a sure shot recipe for success is still on by the client organizations and currently they depend on the experience and knoweldge of their consulting partners to make their biggest IT foray into a growth engine. This very quest, took a new turn in recent economic downturn when organizations started renting CIOs ( http://bit.ly/CIO-as-a-Service) specifically for this job temporarily and few early successes are making this a not only a new trend but also a best practice in the ERP field. As per you, will this model succeed in long term?


      CIO.com too published an article on "Rent a CIO" at http://bit.ly/Rent-a-CIO.