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    New Organizational Structures are a Prerequisite for the 21st Century

    dustinmattison Apprentice

      Since the 1900s, we have been conditioned to look at systems as machines  rather than designing them in a way that humans can interact with each  other to make every link in the supply chain more meaningful. Ed McKnab  believes new organizational architectures that break down silos by  encouraging collaboration and communication are necessary for success as  we push forward in the 21st century. It is time to move beyond the 1900s  and stop thinking of factories and systems as machines. Today's  organizational architectures must be designed to allow people to  complement machines -- moving us out of mechanistic environments and  into more humanistic environments. http://logipi.com/public/item/252934

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          bdubois@kinaxis.com Apprentice

          Hi Dustin, great post with what I think is a very powerful message. Systems and software should support people and their processes, not the other way around. Many factors such as outsourcing put the challenge back on the vendors to develop software and tools that allow the human being to make judgements and compromises in collaboration with others in developing the best courses of actions. The "New Organizational Structure" will encourage people not to think about just moving the widget from point A to point B but to continuously try to improve the process.