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    IT outsourcing is broken, how to fix it?

    dustinmattison Apprentice

      Tracy Currie owns Capto Consulting, a company that focuses exclusively  on IT outsourcing and was built on the premise that "outsourcing is  broken." The problem with the conventional outsourcing relationship,  Tracy says, is that the customer dictates what services are to be  outsourced, and often to the detriment of the project, how those  services are to be performed. "I outsource to you, the expert, but I  tell you exactly how I want you to do it and, therefore, I am  constraining you from bringing your innovation to my problem." Among the  most promising solutions is something called vested outsourcing, and  Tracy Currie recently joined the University of Tennessee as a member of  the faculty to lead a new research effort with Kate Vitasek focused on  applying vested outsourcing to IT outsourcing. If interested you can  participate in his study: http://logipi.com/public/item/252480