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    Toyota and the problem with silo-based organizational architectures

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      Vivek Sehgal believes silo-based architecture within corporations is constraining, especially when applied to supply chain. Supply chains, by nature, must connect across functions, across organizations and across partners. Continuity, Vivek points out, is what the chain denotes. When you operate in a silo, you are breaking the continuity. Silo-based architecture not only hinders innovation, but on a day-to-day basis, it also hinders smooth operations. What Vivek Sehgal finds interesting, is that Best Buy, Apple, Sony, Nokia and Samsung are all on the AMR 'Supply Chain Top 25' for 2010. These are the supply chains we hold up as examples of excellence, Vivek says, yet they are fragmented, both internally and externally across the extended chain. Again, he believes silo-based thinking is at the root of their fragmentation issues. http://logipi.com/public/item/252378