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    S&OP in the economic rebound


      Earlier this week I read John Westerveld's two-part blog post "Top ten reasons YOU should be doing S&OP" (http://bit.ly/8XnFv9), which I thought offered a compelling and concise representation of the business benefits of S&OP. Today, I read a new article on the Managing Automation site (http://bit.ly/dgxuq6) that positioned the benefits of S&OP in relationship to the current economic rebound (which I thought served as a great companion piece to John's blog post).


      I found this quote from Larry Lapide to be particularly relevant: “My view is that [S&OP is] becoming even more important these days than before,” Lapide says. “Because it’s easy to plan when everything’s all right. It’s much harder to plan when things are dropping … or you don’t know when you’re going to rebound.”


      How is your company leveraging S&OP to realign your networks to the new (and evolving) economic reality?