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    What can supply chain professionals do when rich countries go bankrupt?

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      Bestselling author, Robert Kiyosaki, fears "the rich countries of the  world will soon be the poor countries of the world." If the world's  traditional economic powerhouses are on the verge of bankruptcy, what  steps can supply chain professionals take to prepare and prosper?

      "The world is in a precarious situation. I’m afraid the rich countries  of the world will soon be the poor countries of the world, and when that  happens, the world will go bankrupt... In the near future, only the  strong will survive and thrive due to less competition. Unfortunately,  this will mean more suffering for the weak or naïve."

      What you've just read is an excerpt from Robert Kiyosaki's Conspiracy of  the Rich bulletin. Kiyosaki is best known for his Rich Dad Poor Dad  motivational book series, and more recently for his new book Conspiracy  of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money. If Kiyosaki's fears come to pass,  and the wealthy countries of the world go bankrupt, what will it mean  for the world's supply chains and the people who manage them?

      While Kiyosaki's books are geared toward personal financial survival,  two of his "8 Rules" can be applied to business, and more specifically  to supply chain. First, "learn how to control cash flow," and second,  "prepare for bad times and you will only know good times." Cash flow, as  most of us know, is already an issue, which is why there is so much  focus on streamlining the supply chain and cutting costs, and the  recession has left many supply chain professionals feeling like they've  earned a master's degree in preparing for the hard times at the school  of harsh reality and hard knocks.

      Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that the traditional economic  powerhouses are on the verge of bankruptcy. What steps should supply  chain professionals take to prepare and prosper?