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    Pitching C-levels on the Benefits of a 4PL

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      4PLs, Paul Van den Brande says, were initially launched by the "big  four" logistics consultants, and try as they might, they were unable to  successfully market the idea, primarily because they failed to  understand and address the concerns of logistic teams inside  organizations. As you might imagine, those concerns were, and still are,  tied to job loss and loss of knowledge.

      To address those issues and determine other barriers that keep  organizations from pursuing outsourcing, Paul conducted a survey on  LinkedIn. Proof of cost savings came in first, followed by convincing  C-levels.

      Telling a CXO, CEO, CFO or CPO that you are trying to save 20% per  square foot on 10 pallets per load liter has very little meaning to  people in those position -- it is also why very few logistics and supply  chain professionals are actively involved at the board level. The key to  the pitch is to speak the language of your audience.

      Hear full interview: http://logipi.com/public/item/252164