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    Is your company's structure helping or hindering supply chain innovation?

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      Professor Richard Wilding from the Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Cranfield School of Management, shared his thoughts on traditional silo-based organizational architecture and its impact on a company's ability to innovate. Traditional silo-based organizations, he says, are very good at supporting innovation within the individual silo, because in theory, you have a group of experts, in very specific disciplines, sharing and developing ideas together. Where traditional silo-based organizations fall short is in the area of collaboration. When you look at structuring an organization, you have to put procedures and processes in place to ensure that innovation is occurring across all silos. "We need new ways of working that allow for broader views of our processes," Richard Wilding says. "It's okay to work within an individual silo as long as there are mechanisms in place to give people a view of what is going on outside of their silos." http://logipi.com/public/item/252072