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    The way to accomplish supply chain integration: Social Network Analysis (SNA) for supply chains

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      Rather than using the term 'supply chain,' which implies a sequential  discussion between Point A to Point B and from Point B to Point C, we  must start to look at supply chains as networks of people, according to  Peggy D. Lee. Peggy has been working with and studying Social Network  Analysis, which is the mapping and measuring of relationships and flows  between people, groups, organizations, computers, websites and other  knowledge-based entities, and a means of improving supply chain integration.

      The way to accomplish supply chain integration, Peggy Lee believes, is  to leverage technology, but lower the unit of analysis down to  individuals, or at the very least, down to departments, because it isn't  companies or organizations talking to one another, it is people talking  to one another. See full interview: http://logipi.com/public/item/250207