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    Connecting partners below tier-one for improved visibility and collaboration

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      Most supply chain visibility solutions tend to be very elaborate and very complex to establish. They tend to focus on tier-one partners, when what you need is a mechanism that draws people together in the tiers below tier one, and those organizations don't have very sophisticated information technology or fancy IT staff that can spend months establishing connections.

      Ken Lyon is CEO of BitLogistics Limited. "We designed VisibleLogistics as a means of connecting all parties in a supply chain quickly and easily," Ken explained. The company's goal is to focus on the two areas that have the most impact on supply chain operating costs -- the inventory, which is where all the money is invested, and the orders that drive the inventory between participants.

      "If you are a tier-one operator with hundreds of thousands of transactions, orders and shipments moving through the supply chain, it's not possible to watch every detail, when all you really need is advance warning of problems or delays -- and time to react. That is what adds responsiveness and proactivity into your supply chain.

      Hear more of Ken's views on collaboration, trust and connecting all parties in the supply chain: http://logipi.com/public/item/249932