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    Unique Characteristics of Doing Business in Latin America

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      Logipi recently interviewed Alex Mesanza. Alex is an experienced senior leader with advanced problem solving and communication skills that have taken him from global supply chain, customer operations, and post sales support positions with Lucent Technologies in Latin America and China to his current position as Procurement Operations Manager for one of the top US financial institutions.

      Alex Mesanza says the unique characteristics of doing business in Latin America revolve around import regulations that vastly differ from country to country. "Latin America, is not a one size fits all region," he explained, "you really have to understand the regulations in each country to develop the best possible supply chain for the customers in that country. Sometimes you’re able to set up hubs that are located in places that are 'central' in Latin America, and close to key customers, while also enjoying favorable reciprocal relationships with certain countries; but that’s not always the case."

      In Alex' experience, the most challenging piece from a logistics perspective, is determining the documentation requirements of specific customs authorities. "Brazil is a prime example; the country’s customs authority prides itself on really making a turnaround in their import practices. If you were to turn back the clock maybe fifteen, twenty years, it was common knowledge that to get products into Brazil, you had to know or “pay” someone to provide you assistance with customs clearance," he added. Over the years, Brazil has implemented processes and established a culture that is very different from the past. "Today," Alex said, "in order to get a product through what is called the 'Green Channel,' you must have some sort of track record with the Brazilian customs officials proving your paperwork consistently matches the product that you’re importing; and that any errors are resolved expeditiously. This diligence will help you in the long run to establish a relationship that is based on performance as opposed to a relationship based on personal exchange of favors or funds.”

      See full interview here: http://logipi.com/public/item/249021