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    Think of Your 3PL as Modeling Clay

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      Over the past 15 years, Melvis Furtado has worked in supply chain and  logistics roles for several multinational corporations. In this article,  he shares invaluable insights into evaluating, selecting and working  with third-party logistics providers.

      It can take months for a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to win a  contract. But, according to Melvis Furtado, it only takes "a few sparks"  to lose a contract. That's why Melvis, a supply chain and logistics  professional with 15 years of experience working for multinational  corporations, including Kraft Foods, Unilever ME, Philips ME and EMI  Music/Virgin Records, says it is essential to choose the best possible  partner right from the start.

      In this article, Melvis Furtado explains why he views the relationship  between 3PLs and their customers as a two-street, and provides 11 tips  surrounding the people, processes and technologies 3PLs bring to the  table, and how to get the most out of what they offer.

      As with any vendor, he advises, it is vitally important that companies  don't set their expectations so high that they doom their partners to  failure.


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