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    Why the cost of logistics in Pakistan has risen 40% since 2007? Insights into affect of security situation.

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      I recently interviewed Atif Moin, a regular opinion leader on Logipi. Atif is the Head of Purchase for Syngenta Crop Protection in Pakistan. Atif explains that in order to understand the challenges of supply chain in Pakistan, and the current the security situation, one needs to understand Pakistan's background. Just a few years ago, no one in Pakistan had ever heard of a suicide bomber, or even imagined a bombing in the middle of the street, and now it has become a very common event. In a small country like Pakistan, when these things happen, all the economic cycles are affected. In a similar manner, the supply chain of Pakistan has been affected as well. The terrorist situation began causing supply chain disruptions in Pakistan in 2007, and since that time, the cost of logistics has risen 40%. The crux of the problem is that goods cannot be delivered every day on a consistent basis.http://logipi.com/public/item/249072


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