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    Job Opportunity: Supply Chain Project Manager - Johnson & Johnson (Skillman, NJ)

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      The Project Manager will lead and execute projects in support of the Consumer Supply Chain business Plan. Emphasis will be on delivering projects on-time, within budget in a compliant and reliable manner. The individual will lead cross-functional project teams from project onset through post implementation activities. They will assist in defining business case, developing and implementing project charters and metrics; obtaining stakeholder alignment; identification of project risks and develop risk mitigation plans.


      Examples of projects to include:

      • Site transfers of multiple skus/formulas, including Cosmetics, OTCs, NDAs, Medical Device Products
      • Product Reformulations and or packaging changes involving a large number of skus and or formulas


      Individual should have a project management experience in Cosmetic/OTC/Pharma environment.


      The individual should possess strong technical skills, sound management proficiency and robust business acumen to deliver superior business results. This individual will also possess solid communication skills to be able to work with team members and management located throughout the NA region.

      Core Competencies

      Possess the following Technical Competencies:

      1. Ability to establish clear project scope, define the extent of the project; what's in-scope, what's out-of-scope, define project deliverables; follow and/or set up internal procedures
      2. Ability to organize work in a logical way so that it is executed effectively; Manage project schedules
      3. Understand and know how to use project management tools and techniques to effectively schedule, plan, track and correct project management methodologies
      4. Understand and know how to assess, document and manage internal and external project risks; develop contingency and mitigation plans as needed
      5. Ability to control and implement a process of project change control when needed; document and track issues; monitor assumptions and make decisions in a timely manner; understand and use problem solving techniques
      6. Ability to identify and make optimal use of resources
      7. Understand and know how to perform cost/benefit analysis; identify budgetary needs and maintain focus on budget


      Possess the following Management Competencies:

      1. Ability to produce and present clear status reports in a tactful and candid manner. exceptional oral and written communication skills.
      2. Ability to motivate project team members, to set achievable objectives, to maintain a positive outlook, to take responsibility, to make decisions, to hold self and team members accountable and to provide constructive feedback.
      3. Ability to analyze and define problems, evaluate alternatives and find solutions.


      Additional information: Someone with excellent organizational skills is a must!


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