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    SCM World Live 2010: Feb 24th (online, free)

    Kirsten Watson Apprentice


      SCM World Live is the virtual supply chain conference for senior global supply chain, logistics, procurement and operations directors looking to share best practice and ideas around supply chain management, without having to travel to a physical supply chain conference. This unique virtual supply chain event allows senior global executives to network, learn and hear from leading supply chain experts, and get all the benefits of attending a physical supply chain conference, without the associated expense and time.

      Featured Keynote:


      Hau L. Lee

      Prof. of Operations, Stanford Graduate School of Business

      Matching supply and demand with ’sensible sense and responsive response’

      • Demand signals drive supply planning.  They should ideally represent the true demands of the end-consumers.  How can we correctly interpret the signals and make use of them smartly?  That is, how can we make sense out of the senses?
      • Fast updated planning is the key to respond to new signals in the supply chain.  This is both an art and science.
      • Demand signals should ideally be visible to the right parties in the supply chain, followed by intelligent synchronization and coordination in planning, so that the whole supply chain can react accurately and timely.  How can this be done, and what values do this bring to the supply chain?
      • Agility helps to enable us to be very responsive in our response to customer needs.  What are the elements of agility?