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    Job Opportunity: Logistics Analyst - Baxter Healthcare (Marion, NC)

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      Responsible for coordinating the development of all shipments, including raw materials for manufacturing support, intermediates (WIP) and finished goods, with domestic and international transportation suppliers. In addition, responsible for the management and execution of all shipping documentation with an emphasis on adherence to U.S. export law to satisfy customer requirements of Baxter's international subsidiaries. Function include spreadsheet analysis of critical transportation/carrier performance data, expediting critical and time-sensitive shipments.


      1. Manage logistics pipeline between supplier and customer through manipulating and analyzing raw data from numerous sources.
      2. Control logistics process and develop strategies to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.
      3. Examine effectiveness of strategies by weighing the trade off between speed of delivery and cost of transportation.
      4. Educate and consult with customers to increase service, meet expectations, and encourage developing markets through open communications and by developing trusting relationships.
      5. Initiate, lead and participate in cross-functional, cross-business initiatives.
      6. Understand and enforce the compliance of departments such as: US department of Commerce, FDA, DOT as it pertains to the transportation of goods domestically and internationally.
      7. Manage continuous improvement through development of procedures and participation in First of Code process.
      8. Assist buyers with management of offsite inventory and replenishment of North Cove on hand stock.
      9. Initiate and monitor daily fill schedule to meet customer requirements.



      1. Ability to operate in the complex, international matrixed environment.
      2. Requires strong leadership and teamwork skills.
      3. Project management experience and strong organizational skills.
      4. Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
      5. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
      6. Strong PC computer skills (Word, Excel, etc.)


      BS is required. Operations/Logistics or similar degree preferred; 0-3 years related experience.


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