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    Application for Procurement Agents

    sanazsh Newbie

      Currently our company's most important challenge is selecting the best application for its procedure. Our company works as a procurement agent (or 3PL supplier) and needs a software that fulfils both its supply chain and project management requirements.

      Any advice is highly appreciated!

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          adunbar@kinaxis.com Apprentice

          RapidResponse supports project management capabilities allowing for the planning and analysis of projects along with their associated tasks and resources. Simulations can be run to measure how changes to the project plan impact project start and finish dates, task durations, resource costs, revenue recognition, and so on. For example, the impact of authorizing overtime hours can be seen both from a cost perspective and in terms of expediting project completion. Because RapidResponse utilizes a single unified data model, the interdependency between project management and supply chain operations can also be seen. Projects can be created that utilize materials whose production was also modeled in RapidResponse. This means, for example, the impact that a delay in the availability of a required supply order has on the project plan can be instantly seen with the project finish date automatically recalculated to reflect the slippage.


          In my experience, this ability to relate material requirements and availability to project tasks is unique!