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    Supply Chain 2014 - TopTen News

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      Supply Chain 2014 -The Top 10 Global News Lists - By Shreyas Malkan

      1. Best LogistiCITY of 2014


      Chengdu undoubtedly wins the honor for two main reasons

      1 The 9823 kms Chengdu to Jodz (Poland) railway cuts the China Europe rail road transit time to 16 days for Chengdu made products (Note that 2 thirds of Apple ipads and halfof laptop computer chips used worldwide are produced in Chengdu)

      2 The first of its kind, a city logistics office with Chen Zhongwei, as director was set up to drive logistics

      2. Amazing Warehouse Transformation

      Amazon - Fulfillment Center Tours

      By offering tours to 6 of their fulfillment centers Amazon has demonstrated to the world that warehouses considered dull &boring could be interesting. As they say “Come & see the magic that happens after you click buy on Amazon”.

      3. The most popular supply chain debate in 2014

      Women should play more important roles in Supply chain.

      4. Most Scarce Logistics Resource OOS (Out of Stock) 2014

      US Truck Drivers

      The most prominent stock out was not of any material but a human resource. The current shortfall of 40000 truck drivers in US is expected to multiply to 2.4 lakhs as living on the road is no more acceptable.

      5. The Biggest disappointment of the year.

      Delivery by drones in 30 minutes.

      Lack of approval for testing and delay by US FAA in setting rules delayed the Amazon’s 30 minute delivery by Drone” project


      6. The Biggest Supply Chain Issue

      Management of Supply Chain disruption Risk

      The impact caused by West Coast port workers strike
      (See point 9)

      7.& 8 The Latest & Most important Supply Chain buzzwords in 2014

      Distributed Order Processing & Omni Channel Supply Chain

      The author is still digesting earlier buzzwords like Big Data, 3D printing,Internet of things and so on, hence will comment later.

      9.The Worst Service level disruption

      The West Coast Port workers Strike

      Strike is still continuing and impacting service levels.

      To ensure that a Customer gets perfect fulfillment strikes should be banned. The customer’s right to receive timely supply should be considered a fundamental right of each customer.

      10. Improved Co-operation


      That the shippers and their 3PLs bettered their relationship in 2014 was evident from the study on state of Logistics Outsourcing 2014 by Capgemini. Nearly 70% of Shippers and a nearly equal 69% of 3PL's were satisfied with the openness, transparency and good communication in their relationships