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    "Advanced Manufacturing & Industrial Automation 2015", Mumbai, India.

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      Today we live in the trade engaged world, where a country’s “economic growth, social cultures & most importantly, workforce employment” is as subject to the growth of private organizations and their global competitiveness. Amongst them is a primary sector manufacturing, which has for long been a predominant contributor and a cornerstone for many Nations’ sustainable growth i.e. in terms of Workforce Employment, as well as Economic Stability!


      However sustainable has been the industry’s contribution, there constantly persists a significant room for majority of Manufacturers (Small, Medium & Large Corporations) to align with ‘rapidly fluctuating competition & demanding product innovations’ which is not only complex but also required to be cost-effective and socially engaging; while the competitive market awaits to mock-capitalize the revolutionary product innovations.


      In order to excel and stay ahead in the global competition, the manufacturers are required to stay quick responsive to the change & trend adaptations! It is for this purpose we’ve developed this conceptual & strategic networking platform with an uncompromising goal to bring together the renowned Business Leaders, International Experts with long demonstrated professional expertise and the Solution Providers who have spent years of research efforts into developing most current products & solutions.


      The purpose & objective of this launch initiative is to create a TrueValue Xperience to the relevant industry professionals!!


      higher value. sustained growth. predictable future...

      …transform through economic foresight!