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    Kirsten Watson Apprentice

      Prescriptions for a Modern-Day Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


      Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009
      Time: 12:00 p.m. CT




      Presented by:

      Elisabeth Kaszas, Director, Supply Chain, Amgen
      Wayne McDonnell, Research Director, Life Sciences, AMR Research
      Trevor Miles, Director, Industry and Applications Marketing, Kinaxis


      The healthcare supply chain is faced with unique challenges, especially for bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers. Given that many drugs are critical to patient health, much of the lean inventory practices employed in other industries (particularly popular for high-tech/electronics) are not acceptable options because of inventory shortage risks. The typical pharmaceutical supply chain faces many regulatory bodies that approve changes in manufacturing or packaging, which limits the flexibility of the supply chain and adds to the challenges of inventory management and production capacity.


      Numerous efficiencies can be gained by deploying technology to:

      •plan production and distribution to meet anticipated demand

      •monitor performance against financial and operational targets

      •respond quickly and effectively to ongoing changes in demand or supply.


      In this presentation, AMR Research will highlight key characteristics and trends of the modern-day pharmaceutical supply chain. Participants will learn first-hand from Amgen how they are effectively managing their complex supply chain despite the challenges inherent to the pharmaceutical industry.


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