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    Upcoming Webcast - End-to-End Available to Promise | Thursday, December 11 | 2pm EST/7pm UTC




      This webcast will define available to promise (ATP) in dispersed and outsourced operations for environments with high demand and supply variability.  Traditionally, ATP has been done in a request - promise manner across each tier of the supply chain, which adds enormous latency to the decision process.  There is an urgent need to create capabilities that can manage the conflicts and complexities of the ATP process more effectively as it crosses multiple tiers and trading partners.

      Join Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights, along with tmiles@kinaxis.com and Kerry Zuber of Kinaxis, as they explore the definition, barriers and opportunity for ATP.

      Citing various industry examples and both current and future use cases, this session will cover:

      • the difference between ATP and capable to promise (CTP)
      • what modeling in an ATP context should encompass
      • the different process and technology capabilities required along the ATP maturity curve
      • the Kinaxis ATP value proposition (with product demonstration)